Yeah, I am back.

The mountains were calling and so I went. 

And so I am always going.

But I’m here now, because I forgot that I really enjoyed tumblr.
I forgot. For good reasons, and for not good reasons. I forgot why I actually liked it, and that was probably because Ian always made me feel stupid for ever using ANY kind of social media or networking tool. Sometimes they are beneficial. Sometimes, fuck you and I balance things nicely.

It’s only addicting for me, because I see what’s appealing to me (not worthless updates from people you had a class with in freshman year). I learn things… news, facts, articles.  And, my voice here. Even if no one is hearing me, I can be honest for myself, and for anyone with the right kind of timing. 

But….. mostly myself.

So here I am. Yours truly,

dramatic wandergirl